Title: Mock Engineering Maths Exam
Teacher name: Kuldeep Singh
University/School: Hertfordshire

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Questions in Test
No Topic Difficulty Syllabus Level
1 Differentiation\Algebraic functions Intermediate A-level C1
2 Numbers\Complex\Division Easy A-level FP3
3 Numbers/Complex/Addition & Subtraction Easy A-level FP3
4 Matrices\Gaussian elimination Intermediate A-level FP3
5 Matrices\Determinants\Square 2x2 Easy A-level FP3
6 Matrices\Addition\Square 2x2 Intermediate A-level FP3
7 Integration\Trigonometric functions Intermediate A-level C4
8 Integration\By Substitution\Exponential Easy A-level C4
9 Integration\Algebraic functions Intermediate A-level C1
10 Differentiation\Product rule\Exponentials Hard A-level C3
11 Differentiation\Parametric Easy A-level FP3
12 Differentiation\Chain rule\Trigonometric functions Easy A-level C3
13 Numerical methods\Quadrature\Simpson rule Easy A-Level C1