Title: Test on Indices - Section 1C
Teacher name: Kuldeep Singh
University/School: Hertfordshire

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Questions in Test
No Topic Difficulty Syllabus Level
1 Numbers\Surds Intermediate A-level C1
2 Numbers/Surds Hard A-Level C1
3 Numbers/Surds Intermediate A-Level C1
4 Numbers/Surds Easy A-Level C1
5 Numbers/Surds Hard A-Level C1
6 Numbers/Surds Intermediate A-Level C1
7 Numbers/Surds Easty A-Level C1
8 Numbers\Surds Easy A-level C1
9 Numbers\Surds Easy A-level C1
10 Numbers\Surds Easy A-level C1
11 Numbers\Surds Easy A-level C1
12 Numbers\Surds Intermediate A-level C1
13 Numbers/Surds Hard A-Level C1